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Pre-designed Covers & Dividers

Our pre-designed full-color covers & dividers will
give your cookbook a professional appearance!

If you prefer, mix and match the cover and divider options to create your perfect combination. You may also mix and match our pre-designed covers or dividers with your custom cover or dividers. Your titles will appear in the typestyle and color shown, unless otherwise specified. Pre-designed full-color covers are always free! Pre-designed full-color dividers are free when ordering 300 or more books. Full-color dividers are always printed on heavyweight paper for FREE!

Whisked Away
Watercolor Set
Whipped Up Set
Garden Set
Wine & Dine Set
Baking with Love
Herbs & Spices Set
Family Favorites Frame Set (horizontal)
Family Favorites Frame Set (Vertical)
Heaven Sent
Lighted Chapel
Garden Church
Church Steeple
Farm Kitchen
American Village
Savor the Flavor
Leading Light
Red, White & Fabulous
Our Daily Bread
Valley Church
The Pantry
Heavenly Helpings
Silverware Flair
Noah's Ark
Baker's Delight Frame Set (vertical)
Nature's Bounty
Baker's Delight Fame Set (horizontal)
Stained Glass
Light of the Cross
Angel Among Us Frame Set (horizontal)
Angel Among Us Frame Set (vertical)
Rich Aromas
Rising Dough
Heirloom Recipes
Garden Gatherings Frame Set (vertical)
Garden Gatherings Frame Set (horizontal)
Picnic Basket
Apple Delight
Tea Time
Stacked Up
Home Cooking
Sweet Summer
Home Spun Set
Pretty in Pink
Tree of Life Frame Set (horizontal)
Tree of Life Frame Set (vertical)
Teacher's Desk
Around the World
School Rules
School Days
School House
Cooking Keepsakes Frame Set (vertical)
Cooking Keepsakes Frame Set (horizontal)
Amber Waves of Grain
Front Porch
American Spirit
Harvest Set
Ingredients Set
Seasonal Sweets
Bouquet Set
Country Cooking Set
Cancer Support
Breast Cancer
Growing Family
Autumn Basket
Dutch Oven
4-H Clover
Elegant Dining
Food Photos
Daisy Frame Set (vertical)
Daisy Frame Set (horizontal)
Vineyard Vintage
Kitchen Window
Kitchen Basics Set
Bubble Delight
Cream of the Crop Set
In Bloom Frame Set (horizontal)
In Bloom Frame Set (vertical)
Dinner Time
Food Ballet
Sweet Favors
Berry Delicious
Kitchen Mosaic
Afternoon Tea
Sundae Best
Jam Packed
Stained Window
Citrus Bowl
Baking Basics
Kid's World
Growing Herbs
Bike Blooms
Art Bake
Star Spangled Banner
Tea Party
Garden Fresh
Gramma's China
Heart of a Home
Pinch of This
Farm Fresh
Kitchen Essentials
Sweet Cherries Set
Garden Glory Frame Set (Horizontal)
Garden Glory Frame Set (Vertical)

Whisked Away

Book Size

Our standard cookbook size is 5½" by 8½". If you prefer a larger book, G&R offers a Big Book size that measures 7" x 8½". This book can be used with any number of recipes, however, it is recommended for books with 600 or more recipes.

Custom Covers & Dividers

Interested in a custom cover instead? All you need is a photo or illustration of your church, school, family or logo to create a one-of-a-kind FREE custom cover. Custom single-color covers are free when using one of G&R’s 12 standard colors. While custom full-color covers incur an additional fee, a well-designed, eye-catching cover will be one of your best sales tools. Custom dividers are a great way to include more information about your family or group into the book. View custom divider pricing under the enhancement options.

Printing on Back and Inside Covers

Print on the back cover, inside front cover or inside back cover. Fill this space with custom text, photos, artwork, tips, hints or prayers. Additional fees apply.

Designer Frames

G&R’s Designer Frame covers & dividers are a great option for those who want to personalize their cover or dividers but don’t have access or time to devote to custom cover ideas. Simply input your photo or artwork for the easiest and most affordable way to get a full-color personalized cover and dividers. Both horizontal and vertical photos will work for all Designer Frame designs.